IKONS is a company that is mainly oriented to the development, design, evaluation, and financing of transactions of Public – Private Partnerships (hereinafter called PPP) and; to the development and application of convenience analysis methodologies and related studies in the area of infrastructure, logistics and services. It provides a comprehensive service backed by highly specialized knowledge and proven experience in international public-private transactions, concessions, and long-term service management contracts.

In Latin America

IKONS is the leading company in terms of development and application of eligibility methodologies, value for money, comparative analyses with quantitative and qualitative criteria, contingent liability analyses. In addition, it has broad experience in transaction structuring in several sectors such as, transport, health, public buildings, justice, among others, as well as their application to PPPs in order to design transactions, promoting strategies and financial assessments.

IKONS is actively present

in Mexico through IKONS Infraestructura y Servicios S.A. de C.V., as well as a jointly participation with IKONS GUASCH & ASSOCIATES CORP., based in Washington DC, which specializes in the development of comprehensive consultancy services aimed mainly at multilateral organizations and international cooperation agencies for the European, Asian and African markets. Also, IKONS has a constituted branch in Peru. Its objective is to render the same services that its head office develops, but exclusively aimed at the dynamic Peruvian market.

Recently, IKONS Legal SPA, a company oriented to provide legal services, M & A, and legal contractual issues of Project Finance, has been created, as well as IKONS Estructura Capital SAS to serve the Public Private Partnerships market in Colombia and The Caribbean, and  IKONS ATN Ecuador. For more information on IKONS Estructura de Capital SAS visit: www.ikonsestructuracapital.com

In 2011 IKONS obtained the Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2000, which has ensured that its processes and procedures comply with international quality standards in the areas of economic, financial, institutional, commercial, civil engineering and architecture consulting.